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W5 R1 is now history

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Well got through the 3 x 5 minute runs pretty well though each time when MJ announced there are just 60 seconds to go each seemed a very long 60 seconds but nonetheless still managed them all without stopping so chuffed with that. Time for feet up and a well earned cup of tea. For those anxious about week 5 please don’t be fearful it is doable and I am proof of that.

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Just another run as you say...and well done you!! You are ready for each and every run.. slow and steady and on we go :)

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Good work... enjoy the brew!

Did you find wk 5 harder than wk 4? I'm on my final run of wk 4 tomorrow and find the 5min runs hard each time.

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The 5 minute run wasn’t really easier but made sure during the walking phases I really got my breath back each time and that way was able to get through all 3 of the 5 minuters

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