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Fed up


Hi I’ve not post for a while but since graduation I’ve managed to increase my running to 3.5 miles. Then disaster struck woke up last Thursday with swollen knee. Ended up having fluid drained off it and a steroid injection in the joint. I’ve been told to rest it etc however I can already feel like my mood is getting low and I just want to eat crap. It’s only been a week but I’m already damaging all the work I’ve done to get healthy and loose weight. As anyone got any idea as to how long before I can run again. Running as become my release for frustration and to get rid of the stress

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No idea of the extent of your injury, I’d recommend seeing a physio.

Have you kept your rest day exercises? Maybe you could do some low impact stuff on what we’re run days. Swimming may help a lot as you’d be exercising the joint without stressing it?


Oh eck ☹️ Just when we get going we suffer setbacks. Don’t dwell too much as it happens to most of us

While you are off running take time to look after yourself. Eat good! Healthy grub has healing powers so make sure your eats and drinks are as good as they can be

I used to make myself an anti-inflammatory smoothie when I was laid up I think I posted it up here It was the Scott Jurek one 😋

I am injured at present (hands - after a fall). I made myself some fruit “fluff” as a healthy treat. not easy to whisk when you’re hampered but it had to be done 😁. I now have four bowls of healthy dessert lined up in my fridge 😋

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