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Ouch Update


I took the advice offered on here following my fall on Weds and was dragged to AnE - seems funding a daughter through Med Sch was worth while after all!!!

I have a radial head fracture!!!

At least not in a cast - need a sling as I need to keep it moving as much as possible

Guess that’s running off tor the time being - though I did manage 3km yesterday so am looking for ways around it - any ideas??

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Do you have to have physio?

If so see what they say

I’d say take some advice from those that know eg dr, physio. Take it easy, the runs will still be here after you heal. Take care


Thought so... but I hate being right sometimes. Take medical advice... but it would be better to have to restart this than fall on that fracture and do serious damage. Hopefully you’ll be back out there soon.

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