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A sudden realisation


I had a sudden realisation this week. So my OH’s car had to go to the garage, OH said “do you need to get a taxi home?” Of course I chuckled saying is only a bit further than I run, I’ll just walk home. Which I did with lots of energy and much faster that I used to be able to, although I also got soaked in an unexpected downpour; but that wasn’t the realisation. To get home I can either take a short cut up some very steep steps and a steep hill, or I can walk another mile on a flatter route. I decided to go up the steep faster shortcut, it’s always an absolute killer, my legs always scream in pain, I’m out of breath and have to stop half way up! But, I walked up the steps and the steep hill whilst on the phone to the garage!!!! No breathlessness, no muscle pain, I was so shocked when I realised I was at the top! Guys guys guys, I got FIT!!!!!! And I didn’t really notice!!!! And it’s all thanks to C25K 😃

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Sneaky little running plan this 😂. Soon you’ll be running up those steps!


Love it! Hills and steps are my nemesis. There’s a particularly steep one in Lincoln which always makes me sweaty and puffed out (although I take it fairly fast) actually that’s made me want to go and visit now to test it out!

Brilliant - well done ❤️

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