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Tried to slow down but ended up doing it slightly faster 🤔 Think some of it maybe the route as there's a few junctions I have to dart across and also maybe walking too quickly too. I felt more than comfortable at the pace and it felt like slowing down would have been harder work for some reason. Defo will try again for Week2 as I know the longer runs will need pacing out better

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Wow, you’re doing well. We all start at different points in our fitness, but you just have to keep to a pace that’s comfortable for you.


Well done. Did my W1R3 this morning as well.

I have trialled a Week 2 run before so I can tell you that you can stay with your existing route and not worry about changing or adding more distance.

Good luck with week 2 😸

sHAYM4NGraduate in reply to Katnap

Thanks and we'll done to you too :) Yep reached week 6 last time I tried a couple of years ago, so can roughly remember how it pans out. Have chosen a route atm which I should be able to extend to 5k if and hopefully when the time comes! Best of luck for next week!

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