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Just completed week 8 of c25k today and really looking forward to graduating next week

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Iโ€™ve had a fantastic journey so far during this particular program, made some great friends and even inspired a few people to follow suit. I am a bit on the big size ๐Ÿ˜Ž really looking forward to the future now I have unlocked a passion for running as well as getting others to also.

If you want to have a laugh and live the journey I kinda put a video out for every run on YouTube, even a couple of failures ๐Ÿคช. You can see them here youtube.com/channel/UCSetG4...

Iโ€™ve also took on the sweatember challenge for Cancer Research UK which made it a fitting accomplishment for graduating the program. I ended up using the NHS app and love Jo Whiley as my coach, it really has felt like she was with me every step of the way.

For everyone just starting the program just keep putting the one foot in front of the other, it really does get easier even though your doing more and wow do you feel good about yourself when you start knocking out some 20+ minute runs and the first week is a distant memory.

Good luck to everyone, enjoy every minute even when it hurts ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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Big AlJack I so agree with what youโ€™ve written and can relate to what your saying. At some point canโ€™t pin point exactly when, but, I started to look forward to my runs. I would be so eager to go running, that I had to remind myself that I was a beginner, should listen to my body and have a rest day between runs.

Best luck with the final 3 runs. .


Nice one. I graduated last January and look forward to every run and to giving myself new goals.


Great job. Time to close this out. I looked at your first and last videos... thereโ€™s quite a visible difference there. Enjoy that last week.


Well done. Enjoy your last 3runs.

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