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Wow, they were right about W6R1

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Everything I had read about W6 is true, it really caught me out. First time around R1 was a disaster. Combination of a warm evening, busy route and tiredness I reckon. Also, for some reason I kept losing Laura, the app kept dropping out. Ended up walking some of the 8 mins. I felt really defeated. Anyway, repeated it tonight and was much better, thankfully. Managed to complete the whole thing even though legs felt like lead. So onwards and upwards to R2 in a couple of days.

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It is a tricky one. Nothing wrong with being defeated as long you come back beat that challenge. Now you’re victorious. Great job.

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Dechrau in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks so much, glad it's in the bag

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Brilliant well done. Never feel defeated. You win just by getting out there. You're not a machine, some days are better than others. It's great that you cracked it !!

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Dechrau in reply to steviej99

You're so right, thank you

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I did my W6R1 tonight as well and I was gob smacked at how hard it was! After doing W5R3 on Monday night I though it would be easy, I completed it but I can’t work out why it was such a hardship, I feel your pain :)

I know, it's so weird. It certainly took me by surprise. Well done on completing it. It was far easier to run the 20 mins of the previous run. Look forward to seeing how you get on with the next run

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It’s weird isn’t it ? What is it with W6 Runs 1 & 2 ? I found them both the most horrible of the whole programme. Nasty, nasty sessions

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Dechrau in reply to Grandadmike

Yes, be good to get next one done

Well done! 👍 It’s a pesky one that’s for sure! It’s a run filled with hidden gremlins, but the fact you completed it bodes well.

You only have one more intervals run left, then it’s all lovely long ones to the finish line - where you can find a happy rhythm and simply run!

Good luck! 😀😀

It sure is, thanks for that, be glad to get second run out of the way.

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Saturday is my R2 of W6, I’ll let you know. Talking to my daughter about it last night I realised I hadn’t stretched so that will have added to it. I’m looking forward to the next one, I’m not going to let it knock my confidence!

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GrandadmikeGraduate in reply to Lisa3009

Definitely stretch. I didn't for W6 R2 and I thought my calfs and shins were going to explode

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Dechrau in reply to Grandadmike

Good advice, cheers

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Well done on completing the run. The previous trial run ( no such thing as a disaster-every run is a positive) may not have gone as well as you hoped but you went out and rocked it .. Keep at it 😁

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Dechrau in reply to Slow_Rob

Thank you so much for support. I imagine all you guys running along with me when I'm out there

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Well done. It was hard be proud you did it.🤗

Sometimes I think we find the run hard. This may be because we may have had a busy day and are tired both physically and mentally.

Think this is when we need to listen to our bodies.

Managed W6 R2 tonight. Felt much stronger than when doing R1 of this week. Get set for R3!!!

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Lisa3009Graduate in reply to Dechrau

Elk done!! I’m doing it on the morning 💃💃💃💃💃

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I did it!!!!

Well done, think I just replied to you on another post. I know how hard that was. Delighted you managed it. On to R3

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