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W1R1 repeated

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As an over 60 beginner, I reckoned this would take more than 9 weeks, so I'm going to do some repeats. On my 4th run today, I began to think that the recovery walking is getting a bit easier! I'm not feeling quite so embarrassed, either. I ran in the open park, because my hidden away route has gone muddy. All the comments I'd read in the community were such a help, as faster runners were out there, too. Hoping that one day I'll get to do the ParkRun in that park, and maybe not be the last one home!

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Hello and well done on starting 😊😊

The program is built for all ages, your age wouldn't necessarily mean it would take longer ..

If you have completed a run I would say move onto the next ... it is built to progress you and build up as you go

No need to feel embarrassed , you are doing something very positive ,you should be very proud of that ..

The main mantra here is Slow and steady ,run slow enough so you can complete each run

Keep posting with your progress and for any advise or support ..

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RunawaytrainerGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

I've had ME so maybe it makes me cautious, not to push ahead too soon. My muscles recover slowly. It will be a very major triumph to finish this!

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Youngster 😉 I did this Winter 2015..I was 65...😊

No need to repeat unless you don't complete runs..take it slow and steady.

Go out there..be proud...you are doing it.

Well done you..keep posting 😊

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

You young ones had it so easy. I was 67 when I started C25k in the middle of an Aussie summer. I used to have to get up at 4AM for my runs before the sun peeped over the horizon. :)

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You’ll get to that parkrun for sure.

Well done with this one, out of your comfortable route and out there with the seasoned runners, and got the job done 👍

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Yes, as others have said, the runs to repeat are the ones you don't complete - not the ones you do. That makes it evidence- based - if you're pushing too hard that will show up by not completing a run and so you will repeat when you need to but not when you don't. You can sneak in an extra rest day here and there if it helps as well.

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Better the last home than the stayed at home. All the best from a serial repeater 😀

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