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W4R1 - YES!


I had been thinking about this run so much because it seemed like such a jump from week 3. I got to the gym, and today was my first time being there at half 4 in the afternoon. There were so many people and I was not used to it. My 2 favourite treadmills by the window were taken so I ended up using one in the middle. It made me a bit nervous but soon after starting it didn't matter. I kept it real slow and smooth this time... when Sarah Millican announced the 5-minute run was going to start I had a weird laugh in the back of my throat because I had no idea how it was going to go. It was actually nice, I was watching the cricket on the TV in front so that helped a lot. In the second 5 minute run I really sprinted the last bit and then preceded to go an extra 40 seconds after. I'm happy I went slower because it meant I could really go for it in the end. At least I know I can do week 4 so I can really look forward to the next two runs this week!

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Nice one x

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