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Hi, just joined up. Just finished week 3 of couch to 5k, struggled today and think I might have to repeat this week. Although I do have a chesty cough thing going on which may have hindered me. So just wanted to say hi, I’m getting married in a few short months and keen to lose some weight but mostly just wanted to be healthier and do something for myself. I have a 15 year old and a 3 year old so I don’t get much me time! Looking forward to chatting with you all xx

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Congratulations, well done getting to three weeks too!

Weight loss isn’t what this programme is about, so may or may not come (you can’t outrun a bad diet) but what you should notice is changing shape and inches going from waist and thighs as you tone up and also elsewhere gradually ... I guess this will be welcome!

Your 15 year old could maybe have some one on one time with you while you run? Maybe the three year old isn’t quite ready for this 😂. I run with my daughter some days and on others one of us runs and the other coaches. We just got back from junior parkrun.

Enjoy your journey.


Well done. No need to repeat a week. You only ever need to repeat if you don’t manage to complete a run and then you only repeat that run (after a rest day as always) not the whole week. There’s no need to repeat something you’ve already done just because it was hard: nobody said it was easy, but you’ve achieved it so move on. Be careful with that chesty cough though, if it gets bad don’t be scared to take a few days off running till it gets better.

That’s really helpful, thank you.


Welcome to the forum!

Even if you repeat a run your developing stamina for those later stage runs where there’s no walking just solid running.

Yes ,you’ll lose some weight if combined with healthy eating. Do remember small changes would last longer than quick fixes.

Enjoy running, you may soon get addicted to it.

All the best for your up coming wedding.

Thank you 😊

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