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Really impressed with app, started it last Saturday have run every day so far and skipped last run of week 2 by accident so am about to start week 4 tomorrow. Found my fitness level at week three so I'm expecting it to get hard from here on so will probably start having a days rest in between runs from now on. I'm 42 years old and until a year ago had been a smoker from about the age of 14 so I feel I have my work cut out, but the app is really motivating me and the sense of achievement at the end of each run is very addictive. Like I said I know it's a big step on week 4 and am really hoping my motivation continues.


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  • You really need to follow the program, rest days are so important

    Running every day will only lead to injury.

  • Rest days are there for a reason - to let your body recover after runs. You are not following Couch 2 5K if you run every day but some program that you have devised on your own!

  • Great to start on the running journey, but not great to miss, days or weeks or run every day. That is a pretty certain way to end up on the IC ...a few have tried it on here and they either end up on the IC or simply disappear :(

    This forum follows the NHS C25K programme... and it is a carefully structured programme to encourage and take you through to Graduation after nine weeks, to being able to complete, three thirty minute runs. It is intended to take non runners, even those with a good level of fitness, safely and enjoyably towards Graduation.


    Rest days are crucial... other exercise on those days is fine though.. core strength exercises, cycling, swimming or walking maybe:) Running stamina, and muscle strength takes a long time to build up, and this programme goes some way towards that.)

    So, maybe download the plan and follow it from this point on.. there is lots and lots of great advice here, from the Graduates who have been through the whole programme and you will be in great company with lots of other newbies too. The mantra you will hear all the time is slow and steady... why... because it works.... just check out some of our half marathon and marathon runners' posts :)

    Good luck and looking forward to next post.

  • A plus for enthusiasm, but do be cautious. If you haven't run in recent years then, at your age, you would be wise to take your rest days. This is not in respect of your general level of fitness, which may be relatively high, but specifically regarding the stress that running puts on your muscles, joints and ligaments. When you run, apparently, you create micro tears in your muscles, which are repaired and strengthened on your rest day. Without the rest from impact exercise you increase the risk of causing muscle damage, which would take you from running daily to not running at all, maybe for several weeks...........a motivation killer if ever there was one

    The whole training plan takes less than nine weeks if you run every other day and learning to run is a long term thing, not a sprint. It is stated that you should run regularly for a year before you consider runs on consecutive days. This is, I will admit, a pretty arbitrary number as we are different, especially at the start of the process, but doing too much too soon is the quickest route to the injury couch or even to permanent damage.

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry about the sermon.......well it is Sunday......but we would hate to see that enthusiasm dampened. Good luck.

  • As Oldfloss says follow the tried and tested programme. The injury couch really isnt a nice place to be and currently you are on the road there.

    Take your rest days.

  • I really must have a listen to the new app they have now as in the old one Laura mentioned the rest days after the run. I'm not so sure this is still the case as we are having a few questions about rest days. As others have said it is recommended that you don't run every day. Well done on your great start.

  • No, she still says about the rest days and doing the previous ones before the next one (if you see what I mean).

  • It definitely does say "make sure you take your rest" (I used it)

    Someone a few weeks ago posted an article about what happens your body in the rest days & why they are just as important as your running days, but I can't find it right now! Maybe someone can remember?

  • It was me over on the bridge to 10km forum, here is the link to the article.


  • Ha ha!!

    Thanks. 😀 Is it on the pinned posts here?

  • Thank you all for advice I will take it on board. My intentions were never to run every day and apologise if I am sending out the wrong message. I do already cycle about 4 miles a day to work and have a fairly physical job so my fitness level wasn't at completely zero . I do however realise running is a hole new ball game and I have reached the point in the app that exceeds my level and will follow the app a lot more strictly from here on in as I really won't to be successful. Thanks for your advice it's most appreciated.

  • I would recommend you read the article that RFC has linked to above.

  • I really hope you don't feel like you've been told off! From what I've seen so far, any post where someone deviates from the programme seems to get a lot of replies (understandable, I guess, as I'm sure people are just showing kind concern for others' welfare) but when you get lots and lots of people all posting the same thing, I think it's easy to feel a bit 'ganged up on'. I do wonder if that's the why so many "deviants" (lol) just disappear. I admit I ran more than three times a week at the start when most of it was just 'brisk walk', but like you, I'm using my rest days now there is more running involved. I swim once a week, play football once a week and walk 10k or more a day with my dog so I found the early weeks a little bit frustrating. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and good luck with the rest of the programme!

  • Seriously, don't chance not taking rest days in between. The programme is designed to build up your muscles. You could regret it! Sorry 😐

  • Rest days is a must period.

    You will always find out later when you reach to week 9

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