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A lot cooler today after a bout of high temps and humidity. I just completed W8R3 with an average pace of 10’33”, really pleased with that although the recent weather has buggered up my schedule. Graduation run will be a 5K run at Dulles Airport next Saturday. Two months ago I couldn’t run for a bus- thanks NHS for a great app and everybody that contributes to this forum for all the inspirational posts, congratulations to everyone who’s found themselves especially after years of being a couch potato like me!

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Great job, and you got to stay outside 👍

Have a great week... keep inspiring those of us following you on this plan.

You are such a trooper running in those temperatures! I’d be a soggy red faced mess (wait, I am anyway ... 😳)

You’re almost there! Count the runs until podium time. Not many! 👍👍👏👏

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Massive well done to you!

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