Beer Gut to 5k

Beer Gut to 5k

My apologies for the dreadful picture which is part of a photograph that the (potentially) future Mrs. Balti snapped on a recent holiday.

I really had no idea of how much of a slob I'd become and seeing this, was a rather loud wake-up call so 54 days ago I started C25K with the intention of, if not completing it, then progressing as far as I could.

In the 1st week, I struggled to manage a full 60 second run but, in mitigation, I'm 63, I'd smoked for 40 years, I enjoy copious amounts of fish & chips and Real Ale (CAMRA Member) and and finally, as Exhibit A demonstrates, I was the wrong shape.

As time went by, I gradually improved and I sensed a light at the end of the tunnel. The light became brighter and brighter and then I realized it wasn't a light at all, it was my Graduation Badge receiving a final polishing by Laura's elves!

This morning, I completed my Graduation Run. I managed to run a full 5K although it took me 40 minutes and get this, even though I could have stopped after 30 minutes and still graduated - I actually wanted to carry on and do the full 5.

I have to thank the members of this site for their help, support, advice and encouragement. If not directly, then by reading about other people's triumphs and disasters as they progressed or sadly in some cases retired to the injury couch. I might still have made it without you but it was comforting to know that I wasn't alone in my suffering.

At this stage, most new graduates annoyingly say, "If I can do it, anybody can...", I know how much it irritates you to read it, "You can't say that, you're not me!" I would growl at the computer screen, so I won't say it.

Sorry, I have to, you can, and if you follow Laura, you will!

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68 Replies

  • I talk to Laura when I'm out running, I do run where there aren't any people watching, so no one thinks I'm bonkers. Well done you!!

  • Thanks ukelady - I used to play uke donkey's years ago.

  • Nice one, I teach 30 kids at a time...

  • No wonder you need to run.

    Gotta restore the sanity after that cacophony somehow! ; )

  • Fantastic mate, Brilliant, It really works :)

    Looking forward to seeing your first run "Bling".

  • Thanks, first bling run booked (Oxford H/M)

  • Fantastic achievement well done... I am guessing this is a before shot?? Is there an after shot?? Enjoy your running and you will continue to reap the benefits...

  • Thanks JJ, it most certainly IS a before shot although I still need to lose some.

  • Hats off to you for making the decision sticking at it and getting that badge. Keep it up now - we want the "after" photo when you're ready :D

  • Thank you, I'd still have to Photoshop it if I took one now though!

  • Photoshop away....Find me a top model who isn't photoshopped for magazine covers :D

  • Well done chum!

  • Thanks useit, love this troll free site.

  • What a fab post. You've been honest and brave to post the picture. Many congratulations to you for graduating and don't forget to get your badge

    and well done for signing up for a HM!

  • You're very kind IP, Gradge Badge requested and acceptance speech prepared.

  • Top marks to you :D

  • Love the name "Gollibooboo". Dunno about top marks, if the Graduation run had been a real degree I might have just scraped a Third.

  • Congrats on the graduation run, and welcome to the club. I came across an article on this guy over the weekend and saw similarities in your stories. While you are a bit older than him, you are both inspirations to those people that are jolted into doing something positive about weight and fitness. Keep up the great work and see you on the running track someday. - 19stone to 10K.

  • Cheers mbardon. Wow! Thanks for the heads up on that. I've just read it and I'm not fit to lace up his running shoes.

  • Congratulations! Great graduation post, and while some of the tummy probably remains, I'm sure you're healthier and feel better for it. Hope the future Mrs Balti is proud of you :)

  • Thanks Tomas. Yes, feeling healthier and just discovered that I like salad and fruit too, I've gone from 5 a month to 5 or more a day.

    Just asked the prospective Mrs. Balti and she agreed yes, she's proud of me - but still thinks I'm Nuts for doing it!

  • Oh fab, fab post Mr Balti !

    Many Congratulations to you ,that is amazing !!!!

    I love posts like this, it fair warms mi' cockles :-)

    Well done to you and I hope you love wherever your running adventures take you from here

    All the very best to you xxx

    ( And yes , we do want to see the after photos :-)) xxx

  • Sorry, I replied earlier but must've forgotten to click on the submit button - all the excitement I guess - I always enjoy reading your posts, you're always so cheerful. I look forward to the daily Email alerting me to new messages on this site, it brightens my day.

  • Ah thankyou , that is really kind of you xxx

    Your badge looks fab ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks, I'll look after it, I promise.

  • Well Done! ! Keep going and you will lose the rest of your belly. my guess us you will ditch the fags too as you will need every ounce of puff for your HM training. Your fiance will be happier with a slimmer, healthier new you ☺

    Good luck with it. Keep us posted

  • Thanks misswobble. I've seen the pictures and your name's a whopping great fib, you're graceful and slender!

    Sorry, I should have said that after 40 years of it, I gave up smoking 10 years ago but I put on 3 stones as a result hence the pic.

    Just need to persuade 'er indoors to get 'erself outdoors and do C25K too - I keep trying.

  • Excellent work, and congratulation on both counts, chap! Keep up the good work. More miles = more ales. Longer runs = slimmer tums. Er, I'll stop with the rhyming there before it gets crude.

  • Thanks Rignold, I've often noticed you giving sound advice and useful information to undergraduates, it's much appreciated by the likes of me.

  • Great work fella. I don't know about you, but having shifted a similar amount of weight since starting C25k and watching what I ate/drank I can honestly say that beer tastes better when it's a treat!

    Well done and enjoy your running.

  • Many thanks for that AHS.

  • Well done - great to see you get your badge, and even better to see you want to carry on and grab the 5k at the same time! See you at the Oxford HM if not before!

  • Thanks, there was still quite a bit left in the tank so I'm sure I could have done a couple more Ks but that would have been asking for trouble.

    I've been running for less than 8 weeks so still injury prone.

  • Many congrats and well done Mr. Balti.

    It's great that you acted on your 'wake up call'. I guess you will be aiming to go a tad faster once your are able to shift a bit more of the belly.

  • Thank you Dunder.

    Yes, in no particular order, to lose weight, increase distance and up the pace are my priorities.

  • I might change my name to Wozfat!☺ or Fatbirdslim ☺

  • Excellent!

  • I just thought ONE of the congrats messages should come from someone WITHOUT a ' graduate' tag to his/her name so WELL done... from the lowly depths of week 4..

  • Much appreciated Mr A.

    Well done to you for getting to week 4, you've overcome some major obstacles already.

  • Well done UB. It seems that you have caught the running bug :) and that is a very good thing indeed :)

    I'll suggest that you don't over do it after the joy of graduating C25K, although that's easy to say, and not so easy to do. You'll notice that most of us end up on the IC sooner or later after graduating. It's all part of the learning process !

    Happy Running :)

  • Thanks for that Zev1963.

    I've recaptured, rather than caught the elusive running bug actually, it's escaped a couple of times.

    Back in the 60s (shudder - am I really that old?) I represented my school in the cross-country team and ran with the local athletic club etc. but gave it all up when I finished my education.

    Restarted about 5 or 6 years ago but retired to the IC with sore knees and hips almost certainly due to a change of running shoes.

    This time I had GA in the first week of C25K and got some brilliant shoes - what a difference!

    Overdoing warning duly noted. I'm continuing with the 5K distance for the next week or so before I even think of increasing it.

  • well done. Lovely new badge you have there :) It is a great feeling. I really enjoy a free run with no pressure. Enjoy running again :) :) :) :)

  • Thank you Princess.

    I'm glad to see the back of Laura, I'm grateful to her and I love her dearly, but I think I deserve the badge for putting up with her awful music!

    Looking forward to my first Parkrun on Saturday, hopefully.

  • Well done, pleased you got to the end. Do you have a plan of what to do next?

  • Thanks Coddfish.

    First of all I'm going to do a few more 5k runs to until I'm comfortable with it then start to increase the distance, take in a 10k or two and build up to a H/M in October.

  • Many congratulations! Enjoy the well-deserved celebrations :) and your first parkrun! :)

  • Thank you so much Ladyidle.

    Wow! I can't believe this site.

    So many people I've never met congratulating me for having a little trot around the neighbourhood.

    You people are the very best, now cut it out or you'll have me blubbing soon!

  • Me me! I want to congratulate you too! Congratulations!

    All the best for your running years ahead :-)

  • Thank you so much BoPeep9009.

    I'm truly humbled by the love and support winging its way to me from beginners to Graduates far and wide.

    When I took my first faltering stops of week 1 I had no idea that C25K was so widespread; it's an international caring network and long may it continue.

    Each and every one of you deserves a pat on the back and big hugs and it's because of you lovely people that I'll have to carry on running now otherwise I'll feel I'm letting you down and betraying the faith you have in me.

  • It's really nice, isn't it? Very very helpful and i suppose as we've all been shimmied along, supported and nudged along the way in our time it's always good to welcome people into the fold!

    You keep on running for YOU, squidge it into your daily life and reap all the benefits!

  • Fantastic, well done. Enjoy your parkrun- I love em, can't beat a good parkrun, well other than a 10k, half marathon, etc etc. Have fun x :-)

  • Cheers no-excuse, I'm registered with my local course in Oxford and I've printed off my barcode but we'll be visiting the Grandchildren in Bournemouth this weekend so if I can find the one down there, I'll run it.

  • very well done, a fantastic post! congratulations on your Graduation day run, onwards and upwards, and yes we want an "after" piccie ! :)

  • Hi aliboo70. Thanks for that and yes, I promise there will eventually will be a sequel but don't hold your breath, it could take some time.

  • Well done on your graduation. Keep up the running, but also keep up the CAMRA membership.

    Not a Real Ale person myself - I'm from the Cider posse - but my interpretation of cider is that it's basically apple juice, so good for you and one (or often several!) of my 5 a day :)

    Everyone needs a treat once in a while.

  • Hi folkieboater, from your name I think we might just have a nautical interest in common.

    I too am not averse to a drop of the jus de pomme as long it's not one of the modern chemical brews.

  • If a canal is nautical then yes!

    Home is the narrowboat in my profile picture. Currently moored near a good Real Ale and Cider pub - about to go for a wander after dinner...

    32 lock tomorrow, so need the calories.

  • Apologies, I was way off, I was thinking of a small sailing boat called a "Folkboat".

  • Well done on seeing it through to graduation. If you are like me, you will see loads of benefits from being fitter and regaining all that vigour later in life, when others really are consigning themselves to the couch until their dying day. Congratulations, fellow runner.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • How true IannodaTruffe.

    I've suffered from a back problem for years but since dragging my sorry @rse off the couch I only have the odd twinge now. I'm also walking taller, eating healthier, losing weight - albeit slowly - but most of all I'm less of a grumpy, irascible old f@rt these days.

    I didn't mean to divulge this but I feel safe doing so now.

    18 years ago I had to take early retirement due to psychological issues involving stress / anxiety / depression and I became a timid shadow of my previously confident, gregarious, outgoing self.

    Prozac had little or no effect on my condition but now, through running, I have a new life again and if anyone reading this is, or has been, going through anything like this then get your kit on and run.

    There's a lot of truth in "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano", running really is quite literally a life and sanity saver.

    Apologies for going all evangelical about it but as someone said recently, if C25K and Gait Analysis and subsidized Running Shoe purchase was available on the NHS, huge savings could be made in the Health Budget.

  • Great to hear that you are already feeling those benefits. The psychological ones were a bonus that I never took into account when I started. Actually it was me that suggested the subsidised gait analysis.......but that would be in a sane world, so..........

  • Brilliant post , very heartfelt words . That made me well up a bit to be honest .

    I wish you continued good health and peace of mind , Mr B

    All the best xxx

  • Tissues for poppypug please....

    Honestly, I'm a happy bunny, the overwhelming messages of congratulations and support have really blown me away and I'll be around here for a while to put back something into this brilliant running community that has given me so much.

    Unlike team sports, running is such an isolated pastime and it's so easy to become downhearted but getting the timely encouragement or @sskicking is all I need to get back on track. God bless every manjack and womanjack of you.

  • Fab stuff Mr B and yes, please pass the tissues, I will have the industrial size ones ha ha

    This is an amazing forum, best place on t'internet for sure .

    Good to know youre sticking around xxx

  • Belated Congatulations on that shiny new badge! It is a brilliant program...

    Great to hear you are heading along to Parkrun - I'm another convert to these and love my Saturday morning fix of positivity! Hope you enjoy it! I love your attitude and your posts - don't be a stranger and good luck with the hm- might even see you there, this one is on my list for next year...

  • Many thanks aged snails pace, I'm envious of that bling of yours, that really is a beauty.

  • You've probably seen this...

    Realtime is riddled with naysayers - just you go for it!

  • Yes, I had read it thanks, what a lady!

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