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A brief encounter

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W4R3 this morning, felt great (despite the spritzers and chilli last night) and excited to see if I could smash the 5 minute runs again or if it was just wishful thinking. Nice and cool in the woods and I just took it light and slow on the track through the trees. Then one of those surreal things happened - a fox was trotting along in the opposite direction, and as we passed each other there was a split second of eye contact, almost acknowledgment of each other, before he sloped away! I feel like I have earned my name now!

I've really enjoyed Week 4, it feels like it's all coming together - pace, breathing, sense of achievement and the new sense of chilled out confidence that I can do this and it's not a race!

5 Replies
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Love this ! These encounters are such precious moments !

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Wonderful.. the fox is my totem animal :) Lucky you and what a great run.. slow and steady as you go and you are quite right..it's not a race:)

Relax and enjoy :)

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Great job... and how great to see a fox, beautiful creatures.

Enjoy week 5

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Sounds amazing. I am doing W4R1 later today... you’ve spurred me on!

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WoodrunnerGraduate in reply to Flutegirl

Hope it went well! 😊

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