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All the drama for nothing


So my rant on Sunday was for nothing. I was raging with myself cause I struggled with week 3 run 1. I have been trying to work out why since. Then it just downed on me. So i went and checked it. Yes people I actually had completed the run and was on my cool down, but I actually had thought it was only half way. That's what cued the melt down. So second run for tomorrow morning planned. I got a couple hours free there today. So on went trainers, apps on and spoify on. Walked done to my local football pitch as my brisk walk and ran round the pitch to protect my ankle as I need new trainers but can't afford till pay day. Well I nailed it. 2.7 miles done and i even jigged most of way home. I got my average speed per mile down. (11.48) i feel fantastic and I've only 1 run left in the week. So in

all I'm happy and back on track after Sunday.

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And you can’t even blame the technology for that one.

Happens to me all the time, just as I reckon I’ve nailed this running lark I do something “interestingly different”. (I’ve only been here 6 years and can still throw myself a curved ball.)


Great stuff... try not to be hard on yourself, you really are doing great

That's given me a laugh, hope you don't mind! Well done though, you'll smash run 3 now. I went with 2 running buddies once, when we reached an interval, we had all lost count! (No app that day) useless bunch we were. We were much better prepared the next time 😁

That’s my next run and it’s good to hear how others like yourself are getting through it, thanks 😀😀

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