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Measuring up


Hi, Just in case it’s useful, bing maps can be used to mesdure distance on OS map bases. Just right click on your starting point then trace the route. Quick, easy and free x does anyone have more than one day between runs? I’d interpreted instructions as have AT LEAST one day’s rest, not only one day. Eg I ran on Sat, will run on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. That’s ok isn’t it?

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That’s just fine... I do similar day patterns, nothing is rigid apart from the rest days.

There’s an app called footpath that will snap to roads and paths to measure and/or plan routes too.

Sykesy64Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Oh that's good to know. I've just done Sat Tu Fr with Su to follow and actually missed it last night!


Thanks for the heads up about Bing Maps. I've been super upset at no longer being able to get an ordnance survey overlay on Google Earth so this is fantastic, I'm super grateful! I have quite often taken two or three days between runs, as I'm an old fogey & my knees hurt, so more days rest seem to help. But I graduated today & I'm so happy! I never thought I could do it! But have on occasion taken 10 days off, and then back-tracked a few runs, just to get myself back into it.

Sykesy64Graduate in reply to Miracath

On I'm glad it's helpful! Keep on trucking mate - any run is a good one x

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