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Achilles tendon problem


Hello all,

I didn't do much running over the summer because of the heat and asthma problems but I got myself out twice last week for runs of 4k and 5k. I am a very slow runner and went carefully but on one run I hit a dip in a field which jarred a little up my Achilles tendon on my right leg. It didn't hurt afterwards but after my run on Friday night my Achilles tendon has developed a small lump on it and is very painful when I walk on it first thing in the morning. I've been putting ibuprofen gel on it and I'll be doing the RICE thing today as I've had a similar injury before.

I want to keep up my commitment to getting back into a running habit and I was wondering if anyone could advise on whether I can still run with this if I make the runs shorter? I'm worried if I take a break to recover that I'll not get back into it again, though I know if I really injure myself I'll be out for even longer!

Sooo frustrating!



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I would always say if in doubt check it out. I would hate to give any advise that made it worse. I wish you a speedy recvery and hope you can still manage to run. Rfc x.

FunnyrunnerGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thanks, RFC. I'm going to see how it goes tomorrow. I've had a similar injury before so I'll watch how the lump goes and if it's still painful and swollen I'll walk instead, perhaps. 😊

Hi I've just strained my ankle ( soreness and inflammation where the tension meets the bone) and physio said no running.

Everyone's different but having been injured 3 times during my C25K (by other activities mind) I can tell you it's frustrating having to stop running but the smart thing to do.

Definitely see a physio.

I've decided to stop running, to strengthen for the next month or so and get back into cycling as its less pressure on the joints.

Then I'll get back into running and I know it'll be easier with stronger overall body.

Rest it, see physio, recover then get back. 😀

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