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Plague 🐜


Flying ants every where horrible stuck in my hair 😬

Not a great run it was so hot, I’d walked 6000 steps on my early shift and just ran out of steam.

Run keeper turned me into supreme athlete, 1k in 2.30 that didn’t happen gps messed up , so I plodded on for 15 mins or so and headed home.

Im wondering if listening to Peter Benchley’s Jaws on radio 4 was not the best motivational listening !!!!

Never mind tomorrow is another day 😏

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It’s a mighty hit day today... glad I ran yesterday. It’s strange as my kid isn’t back at school yet!

These days happen, and flying ants make anything worse. You got out there and ran, put some working into the muscles, they’ll be stronger for your next one.

Euch - flying ants are horrible. Strava was obviously trying to cheer you up.

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