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Relieving boredom

One more run to complete week 3. Still very motivated and enjoying it. My fear is the boredom factor for the longer runs . Every time I have ever attempted running, walking, cycling I hit a boredom threshold which blocks my motivation. Any thoughts, tips to keep the motivation up?

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For me, it’s about having a challenge... and with running there are countless challenges to be had. That always kept me interested. After a while you’ll be addicted anyway 😂


For me it's varying my runs. I try to add new bits to my run each time. New things to look at relieves my boredom


I agree with Sandi. I varied my run route much more with the longer runs and found that really helped.


I only finished week 2 today but I've already changed my route to make it more interesting and got a playlist going in my wireless headphones. It's working for me so far.


I listen to music tracks, BBC radio dramas and comedy, audiobooks etc.

After about week 5 I too needed more than "just," running so would go out with one earphone from phone app to follow times etc, and one to my mini recorder.

Every run I ever do starts with listening to Hall and Oates "Man-eater" it gives me the perfect "slow" tempo so I don't start my run too fast.

After that - it's anything from the Ayatollah Komanhi Ceile Band to Melvin Bragg and "In Our Time" :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future ☺☺ ☺


I love Hall & Oates too - on my playlist along with Sara Smile .

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You are obviously a Runner with sophistication and good taste 😀


Obviously. Although if you saw the rest of my playlist you may revise that thought !


I like a good book and find that being engrossed in a story helps the miles fly past. Sometimes wanting to listen to my book is a good motivation to head out the door. Have a look at Audible


I have a very low boredom threshold but have managed to complete C25K and gone on to run 10km and even further. Some of the things that keep me going:

Vary the routes - I have a number of different routes close to where I live which I can choose from, but I'll also, when time allows, drive a little further afield to get a more scenic route, or just for a change of scenery.

Vary my music - I have put together about 13 different playlists and use them in rotation. When I'm bored of all my music or need pepping up I'll put together a new playlist or listen to an album I've not heard in a long time (I use Deezer but many others use Spotify)

Listen to Podcasts

Make up new running related lyrics to one of the songs on my playlist.

Think about what I'm going to write about my run in my post on this forum.

Have imaginary conversations with my gremlins to keep them at bay.

By a new piece of running kit, so then I have to get my money's worth.

Set myself distance goals.

I'm sure there are many other things others will suggest you can do too.

Happy running.


So many good ideas . I like the idea of different playlists. I only have one that is always changing.


Great ideas - love the idea of books and podcasts- thank you!




I know exactly what you are saying but the more you run the more you think about different things and not the running! I need music or try a podcast.


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