treadmill or stat bike?

Which is the best to use in the home while snow & ice is around? Mill or bike? I could read up, but I believe running is the most affective? What about impact on joints? I take it that problem still exists with the mill but not as much as on road? And a mill would be noisier than a bike with the pounding?

It's just that the stationery bike I have the saddle gets uncomfy on my bony rear even with a gel tek seat cover, and of course with the boredom I feel like stopping earlier, but manage to go through it for 30 mins, music or TV seems to take the boredom away a tad..

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  • If you are a runner, running is always best.

  • Running here too. There is always a window in the weather ☺

  • I think both are good exercise choices although both have their pros and cons.

    I have both and I also run outside. I find my bike is good the day after a run because it seems to remove any stiffness I have. I do find like you the seat gets uncomfortable. :) I find it hard to sit there for more than 30 minutes although I think the bike can really work the leg muscles. There are some virtual bike rides on youtube that I use to make it seem a bit more enjoyable.

    A treadmill is different from running outside because there is less resistance from wind and other weather factors. You might get fitter by running outside---although I have read somewhere if there is an incline on the treadmill it can make it more effective.

    However it does make it easy when the weather is bad.

    I live in a very urban area with lots of pedestrians and if it is icy it becomes hard to run fast and dodge people. There is also a lot of traffic and road works.

    Also I like to walk as much as possible and I can use the treadmill for that any time while I'm watching the tv etc. I can always muster up the energy for a walk.

    Lets hope Spring is on the way soon :) Good luck with your running.

  • Great comment Harvey, most helpful, thanks for your time...

    Happy running..😊

  • bike is cross training. But running on a treadmill is so boring. So long as you are doing something I don't think anyone will criticise.

  • Did over 16k on bike yesterday in about 30mins, but under 300 calories. Can just about put up with that length of time on a bike I think. It's getting the legs to whizz around and around and sustain it in a set position, then the seat keeps annoying...runnings better, but bike OK as stop gap..

  • I'm stuck with the bike at the mo as can't run, that said I do cycle outdoors not in, I have used it at the gym one day when it got too late/dark to go outdoors but I find the bikes in the gym VERY uncomfortable - like I'm slipping off - and as you say - pretty boring - but even the 30 mins is better than sitting on the couch

    We go out for longer rides outdoors, but probably slower due to various obsticals, and much slower yesterday in the snow/ice!?

    I think if you can alternate between the 2 - that would be ideal. And a run on the treadmill is different but just as hard I think - certainly mentally anyway.

  • Yes, bike gets uncomfortable, start to slip forward, but can adjust the saddle to slope upwards...can just get through 30 min's....

  • I'm trying to get hubs to buy a bike because he needs to do something and doesn't find the time. So I thought it would be a good idea to have one at home. It would also be nice for me :) Hadn't thought about slipping off but I think if you can manage for 30 mins, that's quite good. Think I would have to be watching tv to keep at it that long. Isn't the bike too loud for that though?

  • No, mines fairly quiet, good to have indoors when you can't get out. Look on Amazon they give some reviews..

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