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Help for aching legs please !!


Hi !! W3 R2 complete - I don’t see how on Earth my calf muscles are going to take any more than 3 minutes ! Anyone got any tips on how to build them up more or am I running wrong, or is this normal ? My fitness is soooo much better but my legs just want to give up :( I am doing it on a treadmill at mo so maybe that is why as well ? I’m too scared to run outside :( x thanks in advance!

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Try some ice then a hot bath may help. I had to use Nurofen gel a couple of times because my knees really hurt at start , but got better with time .


Are there lions or bears outside? :) You get out there and enjoy...!

The calf muscles.. they have to build up... strength and stamina exercise on rest days too is very helpful.

Then... slow and steady.. relax... land lightly.. I call it, kissing the ground with your feet... and stretch well after very single run!

Don't know if you are M or F..but these may help..

Thank you ! Scared girl all the way lol thanks !


Do stretch after every run, as explained in the guide to the plan

Try using a roller after runs and maybe for a few minutes before you go out. They definately helps.

Thank you all ! Lol no no bears but just my fear of falling flat on my face or people laughing at me !! 🙈 I do stretch after and it always feels so good ! But bath and roller sound likes good idea 🙂 thank you !!

I'm more afraid of the humans outside than actual bears, and yes we have bears! Too many news reports about murdered/kidnapped joggers. So frustrating living in an isolated rural area :-/

I was the same. Did my first 2 weeks on a treadmill with an irrational fear of running outside. Week 3 run 1 I got my big boy shoes on and rna outside. It’s one of the most liberating things I have ever done and I fell in love with it. Not touched a treadmill since. Even when it’s raining

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Wow really ? I do kind of wana go out there but yeah I have literally never EVER been good at sports or anything and hated running lol so seems so frightening ! I have a lovely park near me though - maybe Sunday I will venture out.... maybe 😝

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Do it. There is nothing like running outside. I love the wind and the rain, and the views and being nosey as you look in peoples gardens etc. I hate staring at nothing and going no where!


No, don't use the roller in the bath! could be a novel idea though!😂

Hahahah I didn’t mean at the same time !! Lol 😂

Don't be scared of running outside. I started C25K on the treadmill in the gym and was sure I'd never run outside, but actually now I find it hard to run on the machine. Outside no one actually notices you. And those that do have no idea if you've been running for two minutes or two hours (unlike the gym bunnies who know exactly how long you've been on that treadmill... actually they don't as when I'm in the gym I'm too busy coping with my own self torture to worry about what anyone else is doing).

One thing you need to work out is how slow to set the treadmill, as the slower the better. If you're outside then you just go with the slow pace of your body without having to decide on a setting.

What ever you decide to do, just take your time and believe in yourself. You can do this...!

Wow thank you so much ❤️ I have a treadmil at home so I am really not used to being in front of anyone !! I have read that running outside is better as well as it helps build up muscles due to uneven surface etc! I think I might brave it Sunday for my last run of week 3 and see how I get on :) xx thank you so much for your encouraging words :) x

Go for it. :-)

I started running round a park where I'm fairly certain no one knows me. It helps its a nice circuit. Now I'm on week 2 I run from my home past all the neighbours, I'm not too bothered who sees me now.

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Thank you :) xx


I have to have the treadmill on a small incline to stop my calf aching, I was also advise but a PT to foam roller every day, even when I’m not running 🙂

Oh I did wonder if an incline would help, my treadmill is really old so have to adjust it manually before each session but might be worth a go! Thank you x

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