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And then the sun came out


Not a great run.

Still on a re-hab mission, calf feels great but kept getting back ache and had to stop a lot and stretch.

So annoying isn’t it when your head is in the right place, breathing feels good, your not tired and keen to get going and to top it all the sun has made a welcome appearance. Then some other niggle crops up making it more challenging... so frustrating.

Anyway stop moaning Jones, eat some cake and embrace running for 24 mins.

Happy bank holiday everyone 😘

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Aww hon. Not to fret. You'll get there. Even if I have to come round that cemetery and pull you round. Or entice you with cake. Or both. xx

You are gonna get there. Or we will have words xxx

My Pa used to have a giant blown-up photograph of Howarth Cemetery in the rain (think 10ft by 12ft, think dark, think dripping, creeping things) on his study wall behind his desk. He thought it intimidated people. He wasn't wrong :-)

amanda2463 in reply to sallenson

😊 thank you

Just felt a bit despondent as I felt comfortable and relaxed was listening to the llama saga on the Archers ,then just kept getting a back spasm.

My grave yard is pretty and quiet(obviously) your Dads picture sounds awesome !!

sallensonGraduate in reply to amanda2463

Ooooh. I haven't heard The Archers since Friday evening. I'm on tenterhooks (obvs) about the awful Pargeter goings on and the continued Susan/Linda impending punch up.

If I slip you a fiver tho, can you take out the awful Ruth and the equally awful Helen? And where's simpering Henry gone? Will they replace the "voice" now he's seven and "trouble"?

We should have a separate Archers thread on here. With its own "Topic" name :-)

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