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Can't stop smiling!

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I am beyond amazed that i just managed w4r1 after finding w3 so hard. We slowed and i mean sloooooooowed it down and unbelievably did it. I can't stop smiling and i feel fantastic that i ran for a total of 16 minutes when i thought i would die on w1r1! I can honestly say that i am looking forward to r2!

Oh and check out these new trainers! I can really recommend the staff at sweatshop as they were amazing in helping me find the perfect pair. #Thisgirlcan!

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Love the trainers. Slow and steady is the way to go, we can’t say it enough, it really does work, glad you had a good run.

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We'll one glad you are beginning to enjoy the plan.

I have those running shoes always wear New balance 860 .

It was nice to get the black for a change New balance usually do a lot of blue.

And better still I got a price check for them.

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Well done 👍🏽

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