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Any tips appreciated from other 'well endowed' ladies


Just starting w8r1, am a fairly plump lady. However, have been bothered by sweat rash throughout the hot weather. Normally this is resolved by using a mild steroid cream. Unfortunately one particular area needed a stronger steroid prescribed by my gp, this was too strong, stripped the skin off and it became infected. Now using antibiotic cream which is helping. Any tips to avoid a further episode would be appreciated as I came close to giving up the programme as this was so painful. I have a good bra and shower as soon as I finish running. I am sure I am not the only lady to have this problem.

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I usually wear a good sports bra, which has some extra fabric below the cup (similar to a crop top) to reduce this, and talc before putting it on. Fingers crossed, between this and showering straight after, I haven't had any problems so far this summer with running, Zumba, or any other reason either. I've been through the steriod and anti-b creams for the same problem, it's just not nice :(

Gillybeans1Graduate in reply to Pixie_Runs

Thank you. I felt so embarrassed to have to see my gp but she was really nice. Will look for a better bra today.

I got a new sports bra from John Lewis yesterday - the Shock Absorber bras are on price match at the minute. It was £37 on the label but only £29.60 at the till - bargain! I’m an E cup and have tried so many but this fit like a glove as soon as I put it on. Off for my first run in it this morning 🤞

I'm not particularly well endowed but I do get heat rash all over but especially between my boobs 😳 and in the creases of my elbows. I put Vaseline on BEFORE I run and a cool shower asap afterwards and then Sudacream and that seems to help. I think the Vaseline acts like a barrier and protects the skin.

Hopefully the cooler weather will help too. I have had a heat rash the whole summer and is another reason I love winter running ❄️

Although if I use the heated seats in the car that brings me up in a rash too! Honestly 🙄

I have a couple of recommendations, body glide anti chafe balm as it stops the 2 sides of skin rubbing the perspiration against each other. The other is lanacane, similar product but having tried them both I find the body glide more resilient in use but easily comes of in the shower after running.

Cycling websites sell it.

Really hope this is of some help, obviously use once skin has healed! Good luck 👍🏻

Gillybeans1Graduate in reply to Pocket-rocket

Thanks I will try, someone else suggested that at the weekend.

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