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Glitchy App?

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Is anyone seen finding the Couch to 5k app glitchy at all? For me it seems to pause my music 30seconds before any talking comes on. Sometimes the music doesn't come back on either. It's also sometimes out of sync by giving the instruction to change exercise too early. It's really starting to do my head in because I end of having to keep checking the tracking on the screen and putting music back on. Any ideas?

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It happened to me a couple of times. The usual advice seems to be to close any other apps that are running before you start. At the end of the day though it's a phone, and they do weird things.

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I have had a few issues recently.

It has just stopped a few times, so now I don't truly feel confident that it won't again, but the podcast has done that too.

My most annoying is once the 5 minute cool down walk is finished, my playlist comes back interrupted ( like the late Norman Colliers broken microphone act, if you are old enough to remember that)

Yesterday I managed to stop that happening, after I completed the runs I fast forwarded the app to the end, and exited the app.

Music returned with no problems.

I haven't had your other issues though.

I had a lot of similar problems to you when I used VLC music player to play my own tunes. I couldn't hear the trainer over the music and it would sometimes just turn off. I've now switched to Spotify (free version) and it works really well. The plus side is that every tune is a surprise!

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