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Fitness app for samsung

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Can anyone tell me of a decent app I could use with a Samsung galaxy ace 3?

All I really want is something that measures time distance pace Tec. Doesn't necessarily have to talk as I don't use my phone for music.

Just want it for stats

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance


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Try Runkeeper - you can either do pre-programmed runs - or just "run" without any plan. With the GPS turned on it will track you, and record where you went, how long for distance, pace etc

Or I use endomondo, which will also do what you need on the free version. Isn't there something built in on the new galaxy a health app including step counter?

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Runkeeper permits you to programme in intervals and access free training plans. Endomondo does a good job of keeping track of your PBs. Strava creates "sections" of runs where you can see your time against other people's PBs on that section. There are plenty more available in the Playstore under running apps or GPS tracking apps. They can be become an unhealthy focus, but there is no denying the stats are fascinating and a useful way to gauge your progress.

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I use Runtastic as I didn't think Runkeeper was very reliable.

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Mummytotwo

Hmm -- I have found Runkeeper to be quite good - however for the first and only time last week, I got "strange" GPS tracks . BUT - I did forget to charge my phone overnight and the battery was quite undercharged when I went out for my run so I think possibly that my problem was more with the phone/GPS hardware than with Runkeeper.

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MummytotwoGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Runkeeper once had me running a 5k at world record speed and once it said I ran through the Mersey estuary! lol

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ANDYTERRYGraduate in reply to Mummytotwo

Ah with the amount of water in cornwall I better invest in some running flippers then :)

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I can also recommend RunKeeper (free version) which I have used for all my runs so far. I start Laura playing, then during my warm up walk I start RunKeeper, check I have a good signal (never had a problem) and then hit start when I run. I do like to be able to look at my run on my laptop later to see how I did at various points on my route.

I used to use runtastic before I got my garmin, it served me well for a good year and half. I had no idea how addicted to stats I could get. I am sure there are others out there,. i have a samsung as well.

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On my S4 I use the Nike+ Running - Android App which I find to keeps a nice map of your run and is really good for sharing runs with freinds.

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thanks guys, going to give runkeeper a try

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