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Week 6


Well I managed to get to week 6 with no repeat runs. Really enjoying it and couldn’t believe that I did run 3 on week 5, running non stop for 20 minutes. I was ecstatic given that prior to starting C25K I couldn’t run for more than 30 seconds. Week 6 started well however at the end of run 1 I noticed that my left hip was hurting halfway through. Today on run 2 for the first time I had to stop. My hip was hurting so badly I was almost limping. Five minutes short on the running section I limped pathetically home. Gutted. Seems to be my hip flexor I think. I have been doing some stretches, NSAIDs but it started again today, primarily when on an incline. Anyone else experienced this? So worried that my progress will be hampered now and I really really do not want to quit the programme. Advice welcomed.

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I haven’t experience this. Sorry to hear about this. I can’t give advice as to what you need, except speak to your Dr.

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