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W4R2 feat foxes 🦊

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I’m staying near Canary Wharf for business this week and am totally unfamiliar with the area so completed W4R1 on Sunday on the treadmill in the hotel gym.

Then I remembered why I hate treadmill running... it is SO BORING.

So this morning, after checking out the local area a bit yesterday evening, I set out along the Thames path at 6:40am, admiring the river and the scenery in the general peace and quiet that time of morning can bring even to this part of London. This was more like it!

Then, I spied a fox! Having grown up in London I had always viewed these urban foxes as total menaces, but having not seen one in 10 years since moving to Yorkshire, I guess my view has changed. This one was a beauty and just sat there watching me as I ran past - I couldn’t keep my eyes off it! A few minutes later and I spotted another! Again, a beautiful animal which looked healthy and quite happily watched me pass.

I certainly won’t be in a rush to use the treadmill again. Great run, still enjoying it and looking forward to my last London run on Thursday.

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

4 Replies

Nice! It's great being out and about when the rest of the human race is still asleep - you get to meet the rest of the animal kingdom πŸ˜€

How lovely! A great run and some foxy company! Sounds perfect! Enjoy your next one! 🦊 πŸ˜€


How wonderful Antondonkey. Running outside is where it's at and what a privilege to be able to share your morning with these beautiful animals.

Happy running.

That's lovely ! I love meeting foxes too, they're beautiful creatures. The ones around here are mostly unafraid and politely interested in humans passing by.

The husband and I will be spending one week in London in October, and your post really makes me look forward to running there. Thank you !

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