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Change as good as a rest !


Did my week 7 run 1 yesterday , didn't listen to the C25k podcast but put on my own music instead and worked out which song I would finish on, I also totally changed my route and doing these things made a huge difference to me. I struggled with my last run if week six ( ran in holiday where it was a bit hilly) so wasn't looking forward to week 7 run but it ended up being a great run my legs never really got tired just struggled with my breathing a bit I actually ended up running 3 minutes longer than I should have as a song I really liked came on so I though might as well run until it's over 🤣

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Good run... sounds like you’re in the zone... kick the rest of this plan’s butt.


Oh how clever to work out what song would be playing at a certain point ! I may try that too. Thanks for idea 💡

You've done well!!!

I too struggled with W6R1-2 and panicked if i would finish the programme!

and then switched to a comedy podcast. I really did not like the music so it did not help at all on conquering more running!

I now dont even think how long i still have, running is almost automatic. So ran longer to finish the podcast! And laughed a lot too!

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