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Week 9 plan

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Hi All it’s my last week of the C25K and hopefully will be a good one. After finding how much I enjoyed my first Parkrun last Saturday I’m going to do the first run tomorrow at the Hastings Parkrun then Tuesday alone and if all goes well graduation next Saturday at the park run again. I Would love to do 5k inside thirty mins by graduation but just running for thirty is good enough I don’t want to get injured and scupper my graduation. I will keep you posted thanks for the encouragement along the way 👍

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Good luck tomorrow and yes, be sensible, still 90 mins total running until graduation - but you’ll get there!

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RunsomeGraduate in reply to Equi-geek

Thanks. I agree 90mins does seem a lot of running 🙏won’t count my chickens just yet😀

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Equi-geekGraduate in reply to Runsome

👍 you have already planned to go careful so enjoy it! Zero points for finishing 5k in 30 min and then ending up on the IC for 6 weeks with a tendon strain. But you already know that! 🤗

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