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Thigh,Groin pain !!

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Hey folks !

After successfully shaking off shin splints i now find myself in pain AGAIN !

Ran lastnight with no problems, nor after my run but today in agony withsharp pains on outside of top of thigh and groin and slight back ache...all on my left side...very painful if i forget about it and turn my leg/body the wrong way !!

What can it be , anyone else experienced this ??


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It is not something that I recognize. If it persists get checked out by a GP or physio.

Take care.

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Groin strain? Hip strain? newbies get some aches n pains, it may go away with rest (RICE) by not running, gently massage and keep moving around so you don't sieze up, try something cold on the area to take down inflammation or maybe ibuprofen. If it easies off try a walk first before running and see how it goes. As said, if it persists see GP or physio..

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It sounds like you have tweaked a muscle called an adductor. I did this in week 1, and you're right it hurts if you twist the wrong way. The good news is that mine fixed itself over a weekend - fingers crossed yours is just as quick to heal. If in any doubt though, seek medical advice.

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I had groin/hip adductor pain early on. Stretches that open the hips helped a lot and they went away.

Look after yourself either way. 🤞

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I've also suffered from this, if you turn quickly it really hurts!

Have had it a few weeks but it hasn't stopped me running. It's easing up now as I'm getting stronger.

It should ease for you too. I'm guessing it's because you are a relatively new runner

Don't let it stop you, as said before try some hip opener exercises. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet together and lower your knees outwards gently.

Hope this helps x

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