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New girl - week 1

So I'm new to this and my first ever blog. I've just completed my second run and am doing it with my 14 year old daughter. I'm shocked at how difficult I found the 1 minute runs and am worried I won't make it to week 2 but my daughter seems to have found it fine so she'll keep me motivated I hope. Does it get any easier?

However - both runs so far have been in pouring rain so I'm hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!

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i am on week 1, took me 3 runs to manage all 8 runs but then went out today and only did head wasnt in it. i know i am going to have to repeat most weeks as i want to be able to do them comfortably before moving on


Yes it will get easier. I ran in the cold rain yesterday and found it much harder. It took me ages to warm up again too. My own experience is that a lot of this depends on self belief and attitude of mind. The other advice I was given was to start slowly and this does help. If you've not done much exercise for a while you may find you run out of energy too soon. Don't be put off. Take it gently at first and know you CAN do it! Good luck to you both - and keep reading the posts - they are your biggest support!


Just keep going! I have just finished week 1 (but it took me 2 weeks!). I never thought i would even be able to get out of the house!


Ooh that's a tough question - does it get any easier?

For me, I'd say no but that's kind of the point of the plan isn't it? To improve and push yourself more and more each week. You'll soon find that after a while it turns into a 50/50 split - it becomes increasingly a mental challenge rather than just a physical one. As a gym runner, I found this to be the case because I run without my glasses on and so I find that have to force myself to stop thinking about how much my legs hurt or how I'm struggling. I had no lovely scenery or views to look at while I was running to divert my attention.

You have to have a bit of faith in both yourself and the plan. Don't be afraid to repeat weeks if you need to. This is NOT a failure, but a chance to gear youself up for the next step. In all it took me 18 weeks to complete as I was ill a lot and sometimes just didn't feel ready for the next step.

Just remember to keep it slow and steady and to trust in the plan. There wouldn't be a forum praising it if people couldn't do it, would there?!

Good luck and just keep on trying your best - you'll get there in the end!


Hello! I'm on W2R1- it definitely does get easier. Half way through W1R1 I did think I was going to die, but I just got home an hour ago from W2R1 and I feel fine.

Personally I prefer to go out on my own- I have a friend who's fitter than me and wants to run with me, and sometimes I go with her, but I much prefer to set my own pace and choose my own route without having to check it out with another person.

It is definitely harder in the rain, and when the wind is against you, too.


I'm sorry but I've had a think and I'd like to apologise! Of course it gets easier but I was just trying to say that the plan DOES push you to improve week by week. You'd never really get anywhere if you didn't try to improve a little each time. Once you've run for 20 / 25 / 30 in one go, you will be amazed at how far you've come. Even now, I sometimes think to myself, my God! I can RUN!!!!! It is so satisfying to complete a run when you've tried really hard.

As Bandersnatch says, try running by yourself. You can concentrate solely on yourself and your pace. When I was doing the plan I was very aware of my BF running next to me on the 'mill. He'd run at 6.5 or 7.0 mph while I was slogging along at 4.5 mph (even now my top speed is 4.8 mph). It can be very demoralising trying to match someone else. The boot's on the other foot now though as my BF can only manage 5 or 10 min runs at a time while I can do 30 mins in one go.

Good luck again!


As for me, every run was a challenge, but it will get easier setting a routine and looking at the C25K plan as Part of your lifestyle. Every week is a challenge, but all very doable. Once the run is completed, the sense of achievement out-weighs all of it! The first week is usually the most difficult, just getting up the courage to start and those 1 minutes runs can be a major reality check! :-) Remember, go as slow as you need to. Anything above a brisk walk is fine. WELCOME!! :-) Gayle


Welcome to the forum :) What marvellous advice you are getting from all these other C25Kers who are at a similar stage to you :)

Do follow the suggestions: you may find it easier to run alone from time to time to set and settle into your own pace etc. Of course, its great that your daughter is keen too, but she's probably kept fairly fit by routine PE classes and sports at school whereas it's presumably a few years since you did this? There's no easy answer for you, I guess you really want to run as company for one another?

However, be assured, the schedule really does work - just not for everybody in exactly the same way! Lots of people take several weeks to overcome the early weeks then whiz through the longer runs later on! Others do the opposite, finding the longer runs really difficult. Some people seem driven towards speedy completion, others plod along happily and successfully over many, many weeks.... So, all in all, be aware that at some stage in the scheme, you and your daughter may probably need to do different things at different times and extra recovery/rest days may be needed more by one of you than the other.

I wish you both lots of luck and hope for two successful completions in some (?) weeks time Take care of yourselves and respect your individual body's needs .... and keep on running - I've ordered some sunshine for tomorrow ... Linda ;)


Thanks for everyone's lovely comments, support and encouragement. I really hope I CAN do it (thank you Beek) and lots of sensible advice about keeping the pace at something I can manage rather than trying to keep up with my daughter, she'll either have to run on her own or run slower! Still, we have sunshine for W1R3 - that's got to be good :)


Well done on getting started!!!

Just keep going & it will get easier to run for 1 min... But then the programme will push you to run for 90 seconds. Then that will get easier & the programme will push you again. And that is the point to keep on improving & before you know it you'll be running 5k like a pro!!!

Remember too that some runs are better than others, cold wet runs tend to be miserable like the weather. The first few weeks are tough psychologically too as you need to establish the running habit but soon it will be an established part of your life!

Sounds great that you have your daughter to run with & share the highs (there will be plenty!) and the lows with.

Sounds like you are doing great, just stick with it & trust Laura, she will get you through!


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