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Couldn’t do it


Set out on my run today and couldn’t do it. It was hot. My ex husband won’t let me talk to 12 yo running buddy (another 11 days before she’s home) and had sent me a nasty message just before I set out and there were soldiers training everywhere I looked ... feeling a bit flat and despondent now ... how did I graduate only 10 days ago yet couldn’t run today?!

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You pretty much just answered that. Stress screws up just about every function your body has to screw up. It’s notoriously bad for weight loss and I think the same mechanisms make running harder as the fat to carb to glucose system doesn’t work properly. Get some relaxation in. Soldiers I don’t think you can do much about. If you need to wait for her, 11 days is not so bad, then withdraw telephone contact for a month... no, that’s lowering yourself to his level. Just do some other workouts in to stay strong.


Sorry to hear this but it sounds like you have a lot going on and so not in the right frame of mind. Probably your mind rather than your body that wasn't up to it. Don't feel down though we all have bad days so keep going you can do it!


Omg he sounds like an idiot! As if you can’t speak to your own daughter 👿

Don’t worry about the run! You could try later or wait a day or two. You will do it though and you’ll feel great after. Don’t try and run in this weather too - unless you go early or late Xx

Go and have another go, I struggled to run after a stressful week at work, get ready for when your buddy is back and don’t worry about other people 😀


I had the same problem yesterday. I could complete my run either. Hoping for better tomorrow... Good luck!


Thanks all. Perhaps I will keep up walking aNd cycling for the next week and start running again once 12yo back home with me ...,

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