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Different sort of graduation


I know I’m not the first but I have graduated from mother to grandmother hence the change of my user name.

I feel so much more pleased with myself now I am a running nanny. I had a little blip with the heat and excitement of last week and I didn’t run for just over a week. I got quite fearful that I wouldn’t be able to run when I tried again. Where did that self doubt come from in such a short time?

Anyway now back on track with a big smile on my face, and a picture of my grandson on my phone to spur me on.

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Congratulations! I’m a Nana to 2 Granddaughters. It’s lovely. Doesn’t mean we’re past it though! I started running in March and graduated 3 weeks ago. I’m not fast and I don’t cover near 5K in my 30 minutes but I do aim to run for 30 minutes three times a week. If it improves then great and if not I won’t beat myself up, I’ll just keep going. Enjoy your grandson and your running 😊 I always say, they don’t make Grannies like they used to!

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Thank you. Yes I run 3 times a week. 30mins or 5k never both at once 😀 I have no ambition to to do more , I want to still be running a year after graduation which will be in November

You are right about the modern nan. When I think of my mother at my age (68) she could barely walk let alone run we are a different breed I think

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