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W9R2 Back on track


So after failing to complete this run last week, had a few days off and headed out into a (genuinely) lovely bit of drizzle at sun-up this morning. Ditched the distance tracker and slowed down to a comfortable pace, and since it was cooler, took the dog for moral support. Felt great. Hit a bit of a flat spot with 10 mins to go, but turned the corner to run directly towards a rainbow. Even managed to up the pace for the last 60 seconds. Could have done without the subsequent downpour on the walk back to the car (if my dog could swear at me, I'm pretty sure the air would have turned blue), but feeling pretty good with only one run to go. Can't quite believe it :)

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Well done, now that “failure” was merely a challenge that you overcame.

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So true... couldn't have been happier this morning :)

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