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W7R2 done and so much achieved


Seven weeks ago I would never have believed:

- I'd be going out for a run at 8 am on a Sunday!

- I'd enjoy running in the rain!

- I'd be cutting back on the wine on a Saturday evening.

- I'd find running for 25 minutes enjoyable.

I'm really pleased I started the programme in June because the sunshine and blue skies gave me the motivation to get out there enjoying the weather. I think it's important to get into the habit of going out to follow the programme and persevere until the fun/addiction kicks in.

Yesterday I was walking around a nearby town that has a few hills. I noticed that I wasn't conscious of my breathing (unlike a few weeks ago). And the same climbing four floors in an office I visited on Thursday. For the 10 hours I've put into the programme so far, that's a pretty good return.

Today's run was brilliant. I started off faster than my 'slow and steady' pace and kept going, except for the last minute when I sped up. When I started this programme I was determined not to be competitive, however, I'm finding myself measuring my distance and speed.

Run 3 on Tuesday and I can't wait! :)

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Go you Flyingred! You sure sound like a runner! The bug has well and truly been caught, and isn’t it a great feeling?

Well done. I have zero doubt about you absolutely smashing R3, then you’ll only have 6 runs left until you’re on that podium! I hope to be there at a similar time if I can find suitable running routes for W8 in the Alps where we’re heading today!

Keep it up, you’re crushing this! 😀😀

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Thank you! I still don't think of myself as a runner. :) But this week has been good so far in that I just know as I'm running that I can keep going to the end and I have total faith in the programme that it's going to get me there. Good luck finding a nice route in the Alps!

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