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Dribble, snot and tears!


I am so happy. I have just completed R1W5. But i still don’t get it, how do you go from, screaming at Sarah to stop before 90 seconds is up, to 5 full minutes with still some left in the tank?!?! How does that work? But what I really don’t get is the facial fluids! Why, when I start to run do my eyes and nose run and most embarrassingly- why do I dribble dribble? Surely it’s not just me... is it?

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Hahaha, no Ladyinthehat....it's not just you that....dribbles? I always have have to stuff tissues into a pocket or somewhere.....I blame hayfever.....or, are we allergic to running?!?!😜

Allergic! Yes that’s it! X


Aah well done you! I’d dribble snot and tears no problem! They can all be cleaned up. You’re a runner! Brilliant! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️

Thank you xx

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