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Snowdon Challenge motivates me to start first time C25K

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I will be 40 next year before that I am trying to challenge myself to increase my activity level. Last weekend I completed Snowdon challenge for a Cancer Appeal in 3:45 hrs, it was a bit tough for me, I kept taking breaks but my ultimate goal was to reach the summit. On my way back I decided to start C25K and will participate for 5K run by October 2018.

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Well done! Trust in yourself and the programme, and you'll do that 5k!

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waleedxia in reply to Jundal

need support to keep going …. thanks

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JundalGraduate in reply to waleedxia

You did the Snowdon challenge? C25k should be easy! We all push ourselves in different ways, and you'll get a boat load of support from everyone on here. Go to it, and let us know how your doing!

Yes that was brilliant experience, that’s all I need - a support!

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That's excellent, I'd love to walk up Snowdonia. I'm in Week 2 of C25K but I've already signed up for a 5k run in October for some motivation

All the Best Paul_Kent

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