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I completed W9R3 yesterday! Only running 4.1km but I'm pretty happy to be running consistently for 30 mins.

I still can't quite believe that i can actually do this, i struggled completely in week 1 - the programme is magic!

Now just to work on trying to up my distance to 5k. I think I'm going to continue using the app, i like being told how far I've run and how far I've got left. I might even do my first ever parkrun next weekend, we'll see!

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Huge well done and congratulations. !

Lots of consolidation now.. plenty of running and loads of 30 minutes in there.. the new legs and the stamina and strength have only just begun t build up! And then maybe check this post out too!

But first.. go get that badge,,, time to party!



Well done I finished this morning it feels amazing doesn’t it!!!

Well done 👍

Brilliant! Very well done. There's very few things that have me the sense of achievement running does!


Congratulations 🎊 on completing the app. Don't worry about the pace yet I've only did it once 5k on my graduation. Do you think I've achieved it again nope. But it will come again the main thing is your out there doing something. I still listen to the app when I do my jogs after graduation. I will continue to do so until I can maintain my pace. sound like me apart from the Parkrun bit lol. I still use the app even though I have graduated. I've not been very consistent lately as my dad has been taken into hospital and I'm visiting every day. I will go back to setting my alarm to get me up and motivated this week but go back to week 7 probably to ease myself back in


Well done on your achievement.

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