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Graduate Blues

I graduated 3 weeks ago and am running 5km every other day. My problem is that I don't know if I am accurately mapping now what I'm doing. I am using Nike Fitness for Ipod Nano and I put in 5km and off I go. Some days I feel really good, good pace etc and I seem to be always logging around the same times and sometimes slower!! Plus, I am trusting that it is 5km I am running. I don't always do the same route, I trust the voice that cuts in to tell me how far I've gone. One day I thought they had forgotten about me!!

This has kind of knocked my confidence, does anybody else use this programme? I don't have a phone that is able to download apps and so that is why I'm using my nano. How does Nike Fitness map the distance you are running? Other than putting in my height and weight there is no other calibration.

I am really loving the running, it seemed easier when Laura was giving me directions and I had goals to achieve each time. Now I'm on my own, I am trying to improve my times and getting a bit disheartened that I am not making any perceived headway.

At least I am off the 'couch'; this Sunday morning I still went out at 6am as it was a run day. I am determined to do 5km in 30mins .... too b***** minded not to keep trying but boy at the moment is it hard.

Thanks for listening to the whinge and for all the help I have had in the past.

xx :) xx

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I have to admit that I don't use anything like that. What I done is to use Gmap-pedometer to map my 5k before I go out. My second run I just run for 45 mins and then I map what I did when I get home. My third run is a shorter run of just over 2 miles but I use lamposts to do interval training alternating between jog and proper run.


Thanks, that's a good idea too! :)


Could you do a Parkrun? Thats 5k accurately marked out and timed for you and would be a weekly check on your progress. You could also use it to calibrate your nike app


That's a good idea!


I'm still a bit apprehensive about running with others. Silly probably, I love going out on my own, in my own time and space and also getting pretty puce in the face with sometimes a horribly runny nose! Get the picture?!! That would be a good idea though to get a proper calibration of what I'm doing.


when I started running I used a treadmill so the mileage was always there to see, staring right back at me. as for running outside my first thing was to drive the course I run, although you can only get a rough idea.

I then moved on to & log all my runs on there. you can plot the course that you ran on there. takes quite a lot of time but is pretty accurate.

nowadays I use a garmin forerunner 110 which I bought off ebay with a chest monitor for £75. bargain price if you dont mind waiting for one to come up.

have you thought of ? they produce music specifically designed with running in mind & have music with beats per minute so that you can do intervals & improve pace or just run longer runs at the same pace. Ive bought a couple at about 160-165bpm & the music is the type that stops you thinking about running & concentrating on the beat in time with your feet, which for me distracts me from the effort in running. hope that makes sense?? Im pretty sure it was TJFlute that recommended this.



Wow, that sounds fab. I find that when I think, I slow down!! At the moment I am listening to random shuffle on my ipod and so I don't know what is next and some of my music (this is my excuse) encourages me to go into cruisin' mode and chill out a bit too much (?)!

Thank you for your help, it is most appreciated. x


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