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Woo Hoo Welcome to Graduation Day


So the day is finally here, it seems an age ago that I was pushing myself to run for 5 minutes. Now I’ve conquered 5k in W9R2 albeit I added a few minutes to the run. My right knee complains a bit but what a great way to build your stamina and fitness. I feel a transformed person to the one that started this journey. I’ve lost nearly a stone in weight but more importantly feel much more invigorated and good about myself. I hope to stick with running post C25K and maybe do a park run. Thanks to all of you on here who offer words of advise and encouragement, it really makes a difference to have that support on the days that you are just not feeling like you can do it. So I’ll be putting my trainers on later this afternoon to complete C25K but I see this as a start of a glorious relationship with running rather than the end. To all those out there if an overweight 55 year old man whose not run since school can do this then you can too.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, seek encouragement and advise on here, listen to Laura, slow and steady and the race will be won.

Oh and don’t try doing a run uphill at 27deg in Snowdonia in W8 (see pic) that’s just silly and you will fail, well I did.

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Well done. You have made some great changes there. Wishing you a happy running journey.

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