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The reason I started this


The reason I started C25K is simple, I started because of my dad!

Just over a year ago our families world was totally turned upside down. My dad, at 57 years old, was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, MND for short. I’ll be honest at first I didn’t realise the full implications of my dads diagnosis, I didn’t realise it was a terminal disease. When I did it hit me hard. I ended up off work for 3months as I just couldn’t cope. I never realised but I was deeply depressed.

Fast forward the clock to now & im doing really good mainly because to cope I realised I need to keep myself busy. In order to do that & keep focused my sister & myself have signed up to walk The Great Wall of China next September in aid of MND Scotland who have been a fantastic support to our family. We have to raise £4000 each & im hoping we’ll smash it.

This is where C25K comes in, it’s helping build my fitness & stamina to be able to take on walking the Wall for a week. It’s really helping build my fitness levels & im enjoying it! It’s also helping me keep my focus in a positive state of mind even with my dads depreciating health.

Anyway I just thought I’d share my story with you all, roll on tomorrow morning for W6R2 🏃🏽‍♀️💨

Ps the pic is my dad & mum with their grandchildren, 2boys & oldest girl is mine & youngest girl is my niece 💖

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Thank you for sharing your story, I hope you achieve your target and good luck with week 6 run 2, I have just completed week 6 run 1 which I found harder than I thought, hoping run 2 is a bit easier lol x


Wow what an admirable act of generosity and kindness 😊 And such a bonus that you're getting fit and enjoying it too! Enjoy the rest of your journey to Graduation ~ and best of luck for your epic adventure next year!! Go you 🙌🙌👊✊️💪🏃‍♀️

Thank you so much for sharing this. We all got our reasons for doing this but yours is very special. What a lovely family you’ve got. And they’ve got you! ⭐️


Beautiful photo and a very touching post. I wish you strength to achieve your goal and inner strength to cope with the ups and downs of your family situation. I hope that you will enjoy China, there is some stunning countryside. I hope you get to see some. Your walk is a lovely way to offer support to your Dad.

Good luck in your next run.



Well done for taking this leap. I have just graduated and can’t praise the programme enough having never been a runner previously. I downloaded an audio book called eat, drink, run by Bryony Gordon talking about how running helped her with her mental health. It is funny and emotional and an excellent distraction of a personal challenge you might find inspiring ?



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