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Post-grad run 2 - running in company


My mate Paul is a runner (he's the thin one). He can do 10k in 40 minutes and parkrun in less than 20. 'Let's go for a run' he said in the pub last night. Stupidly perhaps, I agreed.

We did my usual week 9 route in the valley which should take me exactly 30 minutes after the warm-up walk. Took it nice and easy and chatted the whole way. In the end we did it faster than my week 9 runs, and Paul's watch produced reams of stats about pace, fastest km etc which I found fascinating.

That's the first time I've run with company and I really enjoyed it, so give it a try if you get the chance.

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Well done both look thin by the way! 😊xx

telford_mikeGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks! *hits the 'Like' button 50 times* 😀😀


Well done! I'd be worried about not being able to speak but it sounds like you managed it and upped your pace at the same time!

**Had to look several times to work out which was you and which was your friend** #nodifference!

Wow, that’s impressive. Running with a serious runner! Do you think he pushed you, or didn’t you realise you were going faster?

Either way, fabulous! 😀😀

telford_mikeGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

I've worked with him for years and he's the most competitive person I've ever met, but he let me set the pace. I had a feeling I might be a bit faster than usual, but I was surprised to find it was a whole 2 minutes quicker than week 9. It was a great experience and it did my self confidence a power of good 😀

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to telford_mike

Awesome! Bet you were chuffed to bits! 🙌🏃‍♂️😀


🤔 Is it a quiz? Both look thin to me! 😉

Must admit Mike I might not have said yes to go out with such an experienced runner (speedy), before but glad to hear the recommendation. Sounds like a brilliant run! Well done you!! 😁😁❤️

telford_mikeGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks! I did think twice about it but of course I'd had a few beers and was therefore invincible! Didn’t feel quite so confident when I woke up this morning, but wow, I feel good now!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to telford_mike

I bet!! Brilliant! 😁😁❤️


Not to mention your surroundings! Beautiful! 😁😁❤️


Jealous! I’d love a running pal! BTW you’re both thin 👌🏽 Well done! Glad you enjoyed it 👍🏽


Yes I like having a running buddy, so long as they don’t go too fast. You can’t help but get pulled along. I bet he enjoyed your run too


fantastic and also what an amazing setting for a run!


Nice setting! My speedy friend always pulls me along in her wake - even when I don’t feel we are going faster than usual


You are a runner too!! I usually run with my sister. When I run on my own I find it strange! My speed is all over the place! 😎


Great post - and great pic! 😊🏃‍♀️🏃🏃🏃


Nice photo, that must be like a dream come true to run with someone who can do a 10K or 5K in less than 40 or 20 minutes respectively, very patient man as well as he agrees to run at your slower pace and not leave you behind once the runs start.

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