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Pulled muscle - ouch!

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I pulled my calf muscle on Friday afternoon - not while running but while walking to school to collect the kids! Properly felt it tear - had to stop and then hobble home. I had been for a run in the morning. I have taken two rest days instead of just the one and due to run tomorrow. It still feels tight - should I risk a run in the morning? I may take some ibuprofen in the morning before I go.

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PS - week 7. So running for 25 minutes.

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Before I started C25K in April I also got a pull on my calf muscle, this was in January, I had just got off a bus to go for a nice walk along a new walkway, (incidentally, the same walkway that I later in May ran run 3 of week 3 of C25K) It wasn't too bad as I just walked a bit slower for that walk, very annoying I know, it does put you back for a couple of days with your C25K program, I hope you recover very soon, I would not advise you to run if your calf muscle still feels tight.

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If you felt it go, then do not run... and do not take anything to mask the pain... go and get it checked out...:)

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