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Hated every single minute


Just got back from what had to be one of the worst runs ever today. Constantly hitting the 5 minute wall where my body refused to continue to run and I ended up walking on 3 separate occasions in a 30 minute run. Even ended up in tears at one point. Was away last week and unable to run and now I am finding it difficult to get motivated. Feeling completely demoralised and convinced that I no longer have what it takes. 😞

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Don't beat yourself up. I did and trust me it gets you no where. Dust yourself down and just say to yourself I can't enjoy every run, which you can't. Miby you didn't sleep as well as you could have, miby not enough water, miby you hadn't fuelled your body enough. Its done and dusted and you still went out and tried. Onto the next one. I know it's hard but don't beat yourself up, just move on to next run day

Don’t be sad. Of course you have what it takes. Look how far you’ve got. If you didn’t have what it takes, you certainly wouldn’t be where you are now. Think of all the people on the couch.

Everyone has a bad run every so often. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what might have caused it, other times it’s blatantly obvious.

You’ve been away and broken your routine. Maybe that’s your issue. Treat today’s run as a ‘getting back into the swing of things’ run and try again another day.

So, next time you go out take it slow and run for fun.

Because it is fun and you absolutely CAN do it.


Oh you poor chicken. You really are giving yourself a tough time. Don’t. Stop it’s ok. You are still doing it


How awful for you....at times I’ve had to power walk for as fast as I could manage then pick the pace up again. Maybe go back and redo a previous weeks runs to consolidate on all your good work so far. For me it was chest pain and breathing in the beginning that held me back then as I built up my stamina it was my legs that began to get heavy during longer runs. I slowed my pace right down and discovered that for me it was a mental barrier of actually running for 20 mins plus.

Keep going, give it another go tomorrow or the day after.

Let me know how you do xxxx


I feel your pain, I was like that earlier this year, it was so bad I gave up trying.

About 6 weeks ago I kicked myself in the arse and joined a gym (I was running on the road before), I'm now alternating between running and cross training and enjoying it again.

My advice is to stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve all the time, and just run for the hell of it. I'm hoping to get back to road running again, but if it takes till the spring, it takes till the spring. Just keep doing something and it'll come right again.


You must have what it takes look at what you've achieved you're just having an off day have a rest day and try again. I'm on wk5 r2 and I can't wait to be where you are now good luck ☺☺☺


Dunno what apps you use, but the Nike one has lots of guided runs... many are with Coach Bennett and he’s amazing, they range from 5 minutes to 90 and there’s ones designed for comebacks and there’s a “don’t wanna run run” which gets really good feedback. There’s also a series on there called “running with headspace” which are so relaxing. Maybe having a coach in your ears will help?


I feel for you as I've had a couple of runs like that, for no apparent reason, and you start feeling you're a fraud for ever telling people you can run.

But, you CAN run, you know you can.

Dust yourself down and chalk it up to experience. Make sure next time you're fuelled, hydrated and fully warmed up, and go kick some ass 🏃‍♀️


I had a run a bit like that on Sunday, ran for 2 k, and then just stopped, don't know why, walked a bit, ran for another kilometre, then stopped again, and walked home.

I was annoyed with myself for most of the day, and then thought, you know what, I still ran 3 k.

You still did 30 minutes !!!!

They're not all going to be great, but they all count.

Next one will be better 🤗

I’m with you sister my legs just don’t want to go , not going out until Saturday now taking a longer break that usual ..... I’m sure we’ll find our mojo again


Thank you to everyone for your comments. You're all so helpful and positive. I'm not in the best place mentally at the moment and it's just been one of those days where everything seemed to feel or go wrong. Being a Virgo, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and when I don't do things properly, I tend to be very critical of myself.

I'm going to give myself a break until after the weekend and maybe start using the app again/listen to music, as I have been running "naked" since graduating.

Thank you all again, your kind words have reduced me to (happy) tears. Here's to a fresh start next week.

Happy running everyone! 😀


Good luck, go for it!

Hope things improve for you! Try to be kind to yourself, it's not always perfect! x


I had a similar problem. I wasn't eating enough. I was losing weight but was not able to run without going wobbly mid run. All the advice on here was to eat more carbs so I have and all is fine now. Weigjt loss has slowed, not stopped but am happy 👟👟😀

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