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OK!!!!!!! Done with week one


So I went ahead and ran this morning. It was easy breezy. I have a doctor appt on August 10th. I want my hips checked....for bone density because I feel a pain in my left hip. Also my lungs. I cant think of anything else I need checked. Oh! My thyroid. Anyhow.....I will be taking two days with only yoga and weight training since I ran two days together. Things are good today.......

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Great stuff! I was seriously worried I might have a heart attack in week 1! You'll be surprised how quickly you get stronger. Keep going and good luck!


Slow and steady.. you will get there... we all do ..it may take us a bit longer..but we get there:)

Well done!


Well done Tabatha. Enjoy the yoga and your next run. ❤️

I find yoga really helps on my non running days. I also do some measly little weights which my husband finds very amusing (he’s a rower and very fit!)

Enjoy your next run! 🏃‍♀️😀


Take it slow and steady & you’ll be fine. Running helps build bone density and will help your lungs too. It’s been a revelation to me reading up on actual studies on the effects of running/weight-bearing exercise as opposed to following the patronising claptrap mostly offered to menopausal women. “Get some gentle daily exercise” etc etc etc


Well done for getting started but do make sure you take a rest day between runs so that your body has chance to repair and recover.

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i will. Resting two days......at least. it is going to be 105 and feel like 110 for next three days....i just wanted to finish week one . I have been on week one for like three weeks i think. So.....rest now for sure. Thanks for pushing that. 😋😊😄

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Careful, careful, careful in the heat!!

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