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1 step forward 2 steps back


So I just finished w6r2 again this morning for the 2nd time. I was on w3 2 months ago on my last post, but shortly after had bad lower back pain and ended up re doing week 4. Then a cold last week really set me back more than I would have thought, so am redoing week 6.

I’m sure half of it is in the head, but I’m getting there very slowly and just checking in.

A question re. the 1st 5 minutes of the run. Anyone else get really tight, and almost forget how to run. After 5 minutes I’m fine, it’s just weird. Anything that can help?

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I agree the first 5 minutes often feels the hardest, then once you've got through that it seems to get easier. Just knowing that helps me. I'm on to 25 min runs now and the first 5 mins seems to last for half the run!

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Thanks, I’m in the same boat. My next run is the 25 minute run too. I may try putting in a very small gym workout before the run as that seemed to help last time. Good luck with those and the final 2 weeks.


Look up “toxic 10”. Sounds like you might be getting a bit of that.

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Sounds exactly like that. If I do the run at the end of a gym session it’s nornally ok which makes sense, as my body has probably already gone through that shock of needing extra oxygen. Thanks! What’s next for u as a graduate?

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