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One step forward to steps back!


What is wrong with me, when I graduated a few weeks back I could run the whole of 5k without stopping. However for the last two weeks I have found myself walking more and more. I've found it almost impossible to run the full 5k and I am so disappointed with myself!

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Hey Twizzle53. We've all been there. Don't be too hard on yourself and just laugh about it. There's always the next run. Graduating is a significant achievement so concentrate on the positives and tell yourself it's just temporary.

If you are struggling, try something different e.g. a new location, different music or new running clothes.

If you are feeling less motivated it may be that you are lost without the goal of completing the C25k.

I had a similar experience and although I was too bloody minded to walk, it took a few weeks before I had the motivation back.

It depends why you run or what you want from it but there are some new podcasts for runners who have graduated.

Maybe give one a try.

Good luck anyway :)


Oh poor you, but don't be disappointed. Something has shifted though and you just need to work out what, because you do know you can do it.

I think runningnotwalking has some great ideas. I think quite a few folk miss the structure and focus on the programme. Plus the sense of achievement is a real motivator. So what are you or do you fancy aiming for ? Increasing you distance ? Increasing you speed? Trying a parkrun? What about hooking up with someone ( or several people ) on here and reporting in after each run. I am sure you will find something that will work for you. When you think about walking next time remember we are here, willing you on. I hope find a way to get your mojo back, you definitely can do this.. If I can help give me a shout.

Remember speed kills. Are you being more confident and starting faster and running out of steam ? You could try running slower at the start if the goal is to complete the run without stopping. However running at a speed that is hard to maintain, however slow does build up your fitness much quicker.


I too had problems after graduating with running for 30mins. I think without the motivation of the programme - we kind of let ourselves off the hook. I did stepping stones and speed for a bit then a 10k programme. Eventually if all came together agin - but it did take some time. i think entering events is a great motivator. Park run - 5k runs etc. I also found ruining with a friend who was better than me and prepared to slow down really helped. Having what i consider doing a very scrappy summer of runs -i can just about do six miles. so keep running - whatever you are doing - it is more than you were doing before. Happy running: -)

At least you are getting out there in the first place. Sometimes that's the hardest part. Think back to Wk 1 Run 1. Probably, like me, running for one whole minute was really difficult. Look how far you've come? I really struggled with weeks 8 to 9 on the programme and got really demotivated. Took a couple of weeks off, loaded some of my favourite music into a playlist and ran 5K non-stop. What's more, I didn't want to stop either! For me, the music worked because I'm mad about music. It may be something different for you. I feel amazed that my body can actually do this. Had a weight problem since childhood, never been able to run in my whole life and started at 55 years old. Fitter than I've ever been. I only started in July this year. Good luck.


Thanks for all the responses everyone. Lots of good advice as usual and I do feel more motivated just knowing you are all there for me. I have done 2 parkruns and will do another one on Saturday and I've just pledged to do another 4 parkruns and improve my PB on the quest set by Real Foodie Club so hopefully this will motivate me.

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