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W1R2 sore achilles

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Hi. Not a great start. Felt it after first run but not debilitating so did second run. Got through first 6 60 second runs before I started limping a bit. Finished the runs and limped home. Really tightened up later that day (yesterday). Better today but still limping a bit. Due to run again tomorrow. My plan is to run if I can walk without limping tomorrow and probably abandon the run of it flares up again. Any suggestions? I’m guessing I should not try to run through it. 18 stone and sedentary doesn’t help but working on both.

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Don’t run through it, take time to heal. Deep freeze gel is great (deep heat gives me hives 😝)

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I have suffered with achilles problems, and I agree with Dee2609, don't run through it, it will make the problem worse. I found that ice and eccentric heel drops (give it a google) are the way to repair the achilles, not in that order though, heel drops first then ice. If you can then heat them up, jump in a hot bath, the blood will come running back to the area, which aids the repair.

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