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This running lark is becoming increasingly more addictive


Good morning everyone. I'm really buzzing with excitement.

I made myself a new run on Tues so that I was definitely getting in the 5 k (3 miles )

I did the same run today and I am buzzing about it. I work in miles as I understand them better .

So on Tuesday I ran 3.19 mile ( just over 5 k)in 40 minutes . My fastest mile was 12.44

I was happy with it

Until this morning when the air is a lot cooler and easier to run in .

I ran 3.25 ( slightly further but still over 5 k)

Time 38.10. fastest mile 10.56.

Oh my goodness me it just goes to show what you can achieve when the weather is right.

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Well done! Great times there.

in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay 😊

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